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I have suffered with chronic pain due to a back injury and four subsequent surgeries for seventeen years.  When my pain management doctor wanted to give me more and heavier medication, I decided to try a different approach.  That is when I found acupuncture and Elizabeth Moose.  The results have been remarkable.  I have less pain, I am more peaceful and calm.  I am no longer suffering. allergies have cleared up!  Elizabeth is extremely knowledgeable, with the compassion of an angel.  Having been a nurse for twenty years myself, my demands are high when it comes to health care professionals.  There is no one better than Elizabeth!

Anne J

I am 92 years old and have been having acupuncture treatments from Elizabeth Moose of Balcones Acupuncture since early 1999. My daughter, who went to her for several years, recommended that I try her for my problems, which were quickly corrected. I began to feel so much better overall that I have continued treatments twice a month ever since.

Meredith G

My experience with Beth Moose from Balcones Acupuncture Clinic has been a delight from the moment I found her back in 2006. I primarily went to Beth for facial rejuvenation acupuncture but true to Beth's nature, she ensured she covered all aspects of my well-being to bring about an overall improvement in my health. Beth has the most gentle touch of any acupuncturist I have experienced. I found the facial acupuncture so relaxing that I almost fell asleep on several occasions. My skin responds beautifully to the treatment and I have a healthy pink glow at the end of each session, followed by smoother texture, more even skin tone, a reduction in lines and the dewy glow I adore begins to appear after session five. I live in London, England and if I could find a practitioner who showed half as much dedication to her profession and to bringing about results for her clients, I would consider myself lucky. As it stands, I just look for reasons to stop via Austin when on business trips for top ups with Beth.                                              Sonja P

I've been going to Beth Moose for acupuncture for over a dozen years. She has helped me with both systemic problems (allergies, stomach problems, menopause symptoms including migraines) and temporary injuries like backaches. I highly recommend her for her professionalism, knowledge, and caring attitude. She is wonderful!                     MW 

Following major life changes, Beth helped me get through a time of spiritual, emotional, and mental distress. With astounding knowledge, talent, and insight in areas ranging from traditional to esoteric, Beth guided me through to balance and thriving at all levels.  Beth is so skilled with healing pain and illness that it seems effortless. I really treasure Beth's techniques in intuitive and spiritual guidance.              Chris B

I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Beth Moose for over twelve years and have been amazed at the number of different ailments that have been helped during that time. 

At one point I was told by doctors that I would have to be on heart medicine for the rest of my life.  After Beth treated me with acupuncture and herbs, the doctors were puzzled to look at my echocardiogram to see that it was clean and that they could not hear anything wrong with my heart through the stethoscope. 

Another medical miracle came about when I was treated for a thyroid condition that threatened surgery for a complete removal of the gland, in which my only course of action would have been to take pills to basically keep myself alive and functioning forever.  Acupuncture and herbs were able to halt that problem too. 

Beth has treated me with acupuncture as a preventative measure for my general health as well, for anything from allergies to migraines and I would highly recommend her to anyone!  I would be happy to answer any questions about the treatments I have received at the experienced hands of Beth Moose. Margaret D

I did the 10 series acupuncture facelift and was very pleased with the results, internally and externally!  My face did actually look years younger (as noticed by other people, too!) but I also felt so much better!  It seemed to lift my spirit besides just being happier that my face looked better!  I found the whole experience wonderful and would recommend it to everyone!  I have seen many acupuncturists over the years, and especially like Beth's love, expertise, and attention to detail!  She is a treasure!   


My acupuncturist, Elizabeth Moose, has been a lifesaver for me. I am 88 years old and still active, but certainly have aches and pains form the wear and tear of many years. Beth, as I call her, has almost cured me of allergies, and she has been able to alleviate bad pain in my back and neck. Her wonderful knowledge has helped my spirit also, and I am more calm and enjoy my life even more. I can honestly say she has helped me and she is a loving kind person as well as being a knowledgeable practitioner. It is a real pleasure to be able to tell others about Elizabeth Moose, my friend and healer. 

Lucretia D

For almost 14 years, Beth Moose has kept me healthy.  Now I'm 65, still overweight, somewhat arthritic.  I sit much too often, exercise much too little, and yet I hardly ever catch a cold.  When I do come down with a bug, it passes quickly because my system is strong enough to throw it off.  When last tested, my bones have even gotten stronger!  Being cared for by Beth makes my body work better and feel better.  A visit to Balcones Acupuncture Clinic is far lovelier than any luxury spa treatment, not as expensive, and affects real and lasting change.


When I first started acupuncture treatments in my 40s, I felt sick most of the time and needed one or more treatments every week.  Then for years I settled into a routine of a treatment every three weeks.  Now I come as needed, sometimes once a week for three or four visits in allergy season and sometimes only two or three times a year.  I've moved out of Austin and have to drive 60 miles each way to see Beth, but it's worth every drop of gas and every frustrating minute in Austin traffic.  Beth and Balcones Acupuncture Clinic are a great treasure I cannot live without. 



Beth has been a major contributor to the healing and restoration of the lower back issues that plagued me for over 10 years. This brought the return to a healthy, active lifestyle which releases the endorphins a body needs for the "natural high" we all crave. An additional bonus comes in the form of a good nights' sleep. Overall, the last 9 months have rejuvenated my heart, soul, and body for a mere $75/hr. I wish I had found her before the $1,500 MRI I am still paying off.  In my opinion, Elizabeth Moose provides a priceless service.

Ahron C

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