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Hi.  I am Elizabeth Moose, LAc, owner of Balcones Acupuncture Clinic, and I would love to see how I can help you.


I have been an enthusiastic advocate of Traditional Chinese Medicine for over thirty years now, and I continue to love and appreciate the power, elegance, and eminent practicality of this medicine. 


I have been practicing acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine full time in Austin since 1992.  I also spent eleven years as an instructor at the Academy of Oriental Medicine Austin (AOMA)                             where I taught the year-long Theory and Philosophy course and served as a clinical                            supervisor.


                         I moved to Austin in 1991 after I earned a degree in Psychology from the                                   University of California at Santa Cruz. I then spent another three and half years at the                           Five Branches Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine.   I also went off to                                    China after my schooling and spent some time living and working in a hospital                                                                                    in the city of Xia Men in Fu Jian province.


                                                                                I started this journey in college, when for a field                                                                                  study I learned Jin Shin Do style acupressure                                                                                       for Project PRES (Physical Response                                                                                  Education System) which was a project in the early 80’s                                                                  in the Santa Cruz county special education classrooms                                                                    which delivered acupressure to many of its  students.   I                                                                  was so impressed with my experience there that I went on                                                             to my greater study.  I  continued to volunteer for the project                                                          for a total of four years while still living in the area.


                                     Over the years I have acquired a great deal of experience. I have studied                                         different styles of acupuncture and have treated a wide variety of concerns.


                                  I am proud to consider myself an educator as well as a practitioner.  I am                                      good at communicating, and for those interested parties am able to explain the                             theory and process of this medicine as well as deliver a quality treatment. 


                                  In addition to my practice, I have designed and taught a class for lay people                                                              on the basics of Chinese Medical theory and self-care.  I                                                                   have given many talks and lectures and would be happy to                                                               hear from you if you need a speaker on this topic.


                                                                                                          I would love to see what I can                                                                                                                do for you.  Please contact me                                                                                                             if you are interested and we                                                                                                                 can start the process!



Elizabeth Moose, LAc

TX License  AC00029


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